Located in the middle of Stansfield Street, Hughenden – pronounced mutt-ah-buhr-ah-sawr-us, the name means ‘Muttaburra Lizard’.

The Muttaburrasaurus was first discovered in 1963 in the channel country of the Thompson River about 5km south-east of the town of Muttaburra. It roamed the Australian landscape about 100 million years ago during the Cretaceous period. It was a herbivore, eating such plants as ferns, cycads or conifers but many have also eaten some meat. It grew up to 7 metres long, was 2.2 metres tall at the hips and weighed up to 1-4 tonnes.

Muttaburrasaurus could most likely walk on two or four legs and lived in herds that were a way of defending itself.