This Park area is dedicated to local characters and pioneers of the district. Plaques have been placed on the rocks scattered along the footpath winding through the park. Facilities include free BBQ’s and picnic areas along the northern banks of the Flinders River.

The Robert Gray Memorial Park also showcases the Flinders River, which rises near Reedy Springs, approximately 161 kilometres north-east of Hughenden and empties into the Gulf of Carpentaria. It is over 840 kilometres in length and covers thousands of square kilometres of country whilst in flood. Major tributaries include Galah Creek, Walkers Creek and Dutton River. It is the longest river in Queensland. It was named by Lt Stokes of the Beagle in 1841 after Matthew Flinders. The Shire of Flinders takes its name from the River, being the major watercourse in the area.