Hughenden Attractions

Fibreglass replica of a Muttaburrasaurus Dinosaur

Located in the middle of Stansfield Street, Hughenden - pronounced mutt-ah-buhr-ah-sawr-us, the name means ‘Muttaburra Lizard’. The Muttaburrasaurus was first [...]

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Historic Coolabah Tree and Surveyor’s Peg

The Historical Coolabah Tree is situated past the causeway on the right as you head to the Hughenden Showground. It [...]

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Mount Walker

Mount Walker is approximately 8km south of Hughenden and boasts six spectacular lookouts scanning the district over 360o and stands [...]

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Federation Rotunda

The Federation Rotunda dominates the streetscape of Brodie Street. This Rotunda is made from two 20' windmills brought into Hughenden [...]

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Eco Walk on Flinders

Enjoy a walk along the diverse bioregions of the Flinders Shire at the Eco Walk on Flinders. These eco-systems have [...]

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White Mountains National Park

White Mountains National Park is characterised by white sandstone formations and complex gorge systems and covers 108,000ha of rugged terrain. [...]

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Porcupine Gorge National Park

Known as Australia’s “Little Grand Canyon” with its cool, clear, flowing creek, towering cliffs of vibrantly coloured sandstone and comparatively [...]

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Flinders Discovery Centre and Museum

This huge display area houses an amazing exhibition of dinosaur fossils from around the world, as well as an extensive [...]

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