Visiting Australia’s premier marine fossil museum, Kronosaurus Korner, is an unforgettable prehistoric adventure, where you see some of the most awe inspiring marine creatures such as ‘Penny’ the Richmond plesiosaur – Australia’s best vertebrate fossil, ‘Krono’ Kronosaurus queenslandicus – a 10 metre, giant marine reptile and ‘Wanda’ – Australia’s largest fossilised fish.

Richmond Kronosaurus Korner – Fossil on displayAlthough the museum has mostly marine creatures, there are two dinosaurs; ‘Mia’ Minmi paravertebra – with impressions of its fossilised skin, it is considered to be Australia’s best-preserved dinosaur skeleton and ‘Marlin’s Beastie’ sauropod – a gigantic plant-eating dinosaur.

The museum offers hand-held audio guides for a self-paced tour, starting with a theatrette presentation where you can step back in time and watch our prehistoric sea monsters come back to life.

Richmond Kronosaurus Korner – Fossils on displayThere is also a Krono Kids Korner where children can entertain themselves, while their parents enjoy the tour.

With a modern, fully equipped preparation laboratory, visitors to the museum can view fossils being processed (via a glass viewing window).The preparation techniques carried out at Kronosaurus Korner are of a world class standard, with some of Australia’s best and most significant fossil finds having been prepared for display in our laboratory.

Kronosaurus Korner is also an accredited visitor information centre; our friendly staff can provide you with both local & regional information. The souvenir shop stocks a wide range of toys, gifts and apparel for both adults and children.


(Closed Christmas Day, Boxing Day, New Year’s Day and Good Friday)

For information:

A: 91- 93 Goldring Street, Richmond QLD 4822

P: 1300 KRONOK / (07) 47 193 390

E: [email protected]