Richmond Attractions

Pioneer Cemetry

Richmond Pioneer Cemetery is located off the Flinders Highway on the western side of town, immediately after crossing the railway [...]

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Cambridge Ruin

40km from Richmond, along the Croydon Road, Cambridge Crossing is an intersection of road with the Stawell River. To the [...]

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Cambridge Downs

Step back in time and discover the story of Richmond and the surrounding area over the past 150 years. [...]

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Historical Walk

If stepping back in time is more your scene, then take a stroll down our Historical Walk. The best way [...]

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Bush Tucker Garden

The Bush Tucker Garden is situated on the banks of the Lake Fred Tritton. It was created as a [...]

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Lake Fred Tritton

Interesting Facts • Approximately 1.2km around (circumference) • Water capacity is approximately 314 mega litres • Construction of Lake [...]

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Fossil Hunting Sites

Although you will never quite get over the infectious desire to make that ultimate discovery, you can satisfy your [...]

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Kronosaurus Korner

Visiting Australia's premier marine fossil museum, Kronosaurus Korner, is an unforgettable prehistoric adventure, where you see some of the most [...]

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