Step back in time and follow in the footsteps of prehistoric giants on Australia’s Dinosaur Trail. The world-famous outback triangle links the towns of Hughenden, Richmond and Winton, home to some of the world’s best-preserved fossils — all scattered across Outback Queensland for hundreds of millions of years.

Explore this historical hub — 1,350km west of Brisbane or 380km from Townsville — to dust off 98-million-year-old dinosaur bones and witness evidence of a dinosaur stampede, the largest Australian fossil collection, and ancient marine reptile fossils.

All you need is a car and a plan to unearth these prehistoric giants on a trip of a lifetime.

Towns Along the Trail


No place embraces the spirit of the outback quite like Hughenden, 380km west of Townsville. Situated on the edge of a prehistoric inland sea, Hughenden was once home to terrestrial dinosaurs and marine reptiles. Today it is known for its rich fossil remains and stunning ancient landscapes where dinosaur fossils have been found since the 19th century.


Awaken your inner-palaeontologist, an hour’s drive west of Hughenden in Richmond. Richmond’s red dirt may make it hard to believe that the area was once covered by a vast inland sea teeming with prehistoric reptiles and marine life. Thousands of people travel yearly to Richmond for its marine fossils dating back to over 100 million years ago.


Winton is Australia’s Dinosaur Capital, located 1350km from Brisbane amongst panoramic views of rolling outback plains. It’s home to Australia’s largest dinosaur fossil collection and Southern Hemisphere’s most productive fossil preparation laboratory. The world’s only evidence of a dinosaur stampede dating back 95 million years is found 115km south west of Winton.