Winton is Australia’s Dinosaur Capital, located 1350km from Brisbane amongst panoramic views of rolling outback plains. It’s home to Australia’s largest dinosaur fossil collection and Southern Hemisphere’s most productive fossil preparation laboratory. The world’s only evidence of a dinosaur stampede dating back 95 million years is found 115km south west of Winton.

See paleontology in action at the Australian Age of Dinosaurs located 24km from Winton. The museum will take you back in time to explore where and how the dinosaur bones are found and what it takes to excavate them from the red outback dirt. Wander the collection room home to ‘Banjo’ and ‘Matilda’, two of Australia’s most complete dinosaur skeletons or walk on the wild side through Dinosaur Canyon to spot life-like dinosaur replicas in their natural habitat.

Lark Quarry Conservation Park will have you shiver with Jurassic Park levels of spine-chilling eeriness when you compare your footprints to 3,300 giant fossilised footprints. This is the place that Steven Spielberg took inspiration for the stampede sequence in Jurassic Park – the only difference is, here it’s the real deal. Lark Quarry was cemented in Australia’s dinosaur history when 150 small carnivorous and herbivorous dinosaurs were stalked by a larger meat-eating enemy.

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